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Czech producer of customized battery storage

Our priority is a personal approach to every client, business partner and everyone who works for us. We create a friendly environment for our clients and produce top quality products for them. We care about our employees in the same way. We offer them pleasant working conditions so that they can perform at their best. We mainly focus on developing solutions for companies, such as container storage and high-capacity battery storage. Our close-knit team consists of more than 50 capable people who care about the outcome of their work. As a result, you will always find a tailor-made solution with us.


January 2022 – February 2022

Jak to začalo | Resacs

How it started

At the beginning of 2022, the idea of founding a company was born, so Resacs, s.r.o. was established. We started together with two friends in a family house in Otrokovice by manufacturing batteries for scooters, caravans and boats. Eventually, an e-shop was created and the sale of batteries started online. Later we also started to deal with PV installations.

únor 2022 – září 2022

První stěhování | Resacs

The first moving

As the number of orders increased, the production facilities had to be addressed. We found a refuge in the industrial area TOMA in Otrokovice. We were approached by several customers and the demand grew so much that it was necessary to increase the number of employees. At that time, there were 12 of us working in the company. This is also where our first designs and implementation of battery storage for PV plants originated.

October 2022 – May 2023

Expandujeme dál | Resacs

Expanding further

With the arrival of the first major partner, production took off and after eight months it was necessary to increase production capacity again. This time we found a refuge in the TOS premises in Hulín. Staff had to be doubled, production processes had to be improved and new operating systems had to be introduced. We innovated concepts in battery storage design and control. During this time, we also succeeded in designing our first large battery storage facility.

May 2023 – present

Současná podoba Resacs, s.r.o. | Resacs

Present form of Resacs, s.r.o.

Over time, we are increasingly focusing on large-capacity battery storage and container storage. We are acquiring more business partners and continuously improving and expanding our products and services.

Currently, Resacs, s.r.o. has production and warehouse in Tlumačov. As in the beginning, we are a company with a friendly family approach not only to our co-workers, but also to our business partners and clients. We put emphasis on the quality of our products and services and customer satisfaction.

Why work with us

We produce top quality products.

We develop our own technologies.

We provide full technical and service support.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach to our customers.

We respect the needs of each client and address them individually.

What you get with our products

Variable solutions

Battery storage can be easily configured. You can expand it or replace individual battery cells.

Long service life

Our battery storage can last more than 6,000 cycles (at 80% DoD).

Possibility to control the system remotely

We have our own hardware and software for remote diagnostics and management of battery storage and inverters. Our technicians can check the correct functionality and condition of the equipment at any time.

Three-stage protection

In addition to remote diagnostics, the battery storage is equipped with a BMS system that takes care of the correct charging and discharging of the batteries. It is backed up by special temperature sensors at each connection. And if anything should fail, the Proteng fire extinguishing system with a life expectancy of 20 years without the need for checks ensures everything.

Customer support and service

It may happen that something doesn’t work as it should. For these cases we have a service line. Please contact us and we will deal with your request within 24 hours. The service team will reach you within five working days.


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Our team

Resacs | Jiří Zámečník

Jiří Zámečník

Director General


Resacs | Nina Pavelková

Nina Pavelková

Executive Assistant to the DG


+420 608 041 544

Resacs | Petra Zámečníková

Petra Zámečníková

Operations Assistant to the DG


+420 777 686 305

Resacs | Pavel Trakal

Pavel Trakal

Chief Operating Officer


+420 777 099 328

Resacs | Lukáš Temlík

Lukáš Temlík

Sales Director


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Resacs | Petr Jaška

Petr Jaška

Technical Director


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Resacs | Tomáš Vrána

Tomáš Vrána

service manager


+420 773 305 497

Resacs | Oleksii Umanskyi

Oleksii Umanskyi

production foreman