Container storage facilities

Our high-capacity battery storage, container systems

Our high-capacity battery storage systems – container systems – are suitable for all owners and operators of local distribution systems, industrial sites, electric vehicle charging stations and photovoltaic or hydroelectric power plants. Container systems address all the standard requirements for battery storage, whether it is saving energy costs through the use of stored energy for self-consumption, elimination of micro-discharges or peak trimming (reduction of reserved capacity), as well as transmission support and stabilization services.

Container storage is an industrial energy storage solution in the form of a fully equipped 20 or 40 foot container with the required number of battery modules. The system also includes inverters (PCS) and other technologies such as fire suppression, air conditioning, racks, cabling and IP cameras. On request, we will also add a Proteng a stand-alone EMS fire suppression control and monitoring system.

What you can use container storage for:

Self-consumption of solar energy consists of using the electricity produced by solar panels to power appliances and systems on-site.

PEAK SHAVING balances peak load surges, reduces peak power draw and delivers cost savings, especially in energy-intensive operations such as large manufacturing plants.

Using solar energy for electric vehicle charging stations involves buying cheaper energy at night and selling it at higher prices during the day, which is ideal for shopping malls, gas stations and similar locations.

The use for ancillary services consists in ensuring the balance between production and consumption of electricity in the electricity system.

Trading on a spot exchange involves selling surplus energy to an electricity trader or buying it at low spot prices that vary throughout the day depending on supply and demand.

What does container storage contain

High-voltage battery racks with a nominal capacity of 215 kWh, consisting of 17 battery modules, each with a capacity of 12.5 kWh and supporting a maximum discharge current of 1C and a charging current of 0.5 C.

Sinexcel 500 kW high power inverters composed of individual modules with an output of 62.5 kW. They are characterized by an efficiency of up to 98.2%

It provides general protection with an emphasis on safety for persons and without harmful effects on equipment. The containers use, among other things, the patented Proteng autonomous fire protection system.

A 5 kW or 10 kW air conditioning unit to maintain the optimum environment for container storage operation.

It controls the charging/discharging of the battery and allows the container to be used for various purposes (peak shaving, spot trading, support services).

Accessories – cabling, earthing, IP cameras ensuring permanent surveillance and enabling monitoring of the internal storage area.

Container storage delivery process

Specification of specific requirements with the customer – parameters of CS

Creation of a quotation to CS according to specific requirements

Inspection of the installation site and connection options

Conclusion of the purchase contract at the CS and subsequently the service contract

Delivery and assembly of the container including installation of the control system (EMS)

Test operation and handover to the customer

Related services

Preparation of project documentation and submission of applications to the relevant institutions: building permit, noise study, dispersion study, fire brigade

Preparatory and construction work for container placement

Conclusion of an aggregation contract: preparation of a certification study, feasibility study and charging/discharging strategy in case of interest in engaging in support services or trading

For the above services, Resacs will provide a list of partner companies providing these services.

Advantages of container storage


Container storage according to customer requirements.


By adding modules, the required capacity/performance can be achieved.

Long service life

The minimum lifetime of the cells is 10 years and more than 6 thousand charge and discharge cycles.


Many features for proper functionality and maximum safety, such as fire protection system, air conditioning system, EMS control and monitoring system, etc.

Wide range of applications

Container storage helps to achieve energy savings across many industrial applications and uses.

Service and support

Experienced service team, technical support, remote monitoring, fast service intervention.

Technical specifications

Interested in more detailed information on container storage? Take a look at the product data sheet.

We use cutting-edge components and technologies for container storage. They offer you many advantages:

variable storage container assembly

advanced management and control systems

technologies connected to the central service control room

redundant and block system – in the event of a failure, the majority of the blocks always work

extensive testing and verification of the functionality of each component

wide range of applications

full technical and service support

10 years warranty and guaranteed service

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