Corporate sector

Battery storage for corporate purposes

We design and implement energy storage systems for the corporate sector with a capacity of tens to hundreds of kWh. What are they good for? They are designed primarily to achieve energy cost savings through peak shaving, load balancing and trading on the spot or intraday market. If there is an interruption in the electricity supply, they can be used as a backup source of energy. It will also allow you to perform frequency regulation as part of the support services for CEPS to ensure grid stability and a steady power supply.

Battery storage systems for corporate use are used for professional and demanding use of energy storage systems. You can expand them flexibly depending on your needs.

These battery storage devices are unique in that they offer:

high quality LiFePO4 cells in the highest quality class Grade A

cables supporting high charging/discharging currents

easy scalability and expansion

indoor and outdoor installation in IP54 enclosures

optional AC or DC connection (AC/DC Coupling)

The repositories are equipped with our advanced EMS system. It efficiently manages energy usage. It allows you to adjust grid flows, trade on the spot market or trim peaks and reduce reserved capacity. All battery storage systems from us come with a 10-year warranty and support, including guaranteed service.

Product solutions

Low-voltage battery 75 kWh

It offers excellent performance and reliability, with a long service life in excess of 6,000 cycles. In addition, it features three levels of protection, a safe low voltage of 48V for future system expandability and allows remote monitoring and diagnostics.

Modular battery pack with inverter 57,6 kWh + 50 kW

It is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to increase the efficiency of their PV plant and achieve significant savings in energy costs. The central element of the whole system is a smart control based on artificial intelligence that predicts the production and consumption of electricity.

Outdoor modular system 125 kW + 215 kWh

It includes battery cabinets, bi-directional power conversion system (PCS or inverters), HVAC and control protection equipment. The capacity of this battery system is scalable in power increments of 125 kW and capacity increments of 215 kWh to 1075 kWh.

Benefits of battery storage


Battery storage according to customer requirements.


By adding modules, the desired capacity/performance can be achieved.

Long service life

The minimum lifetime of the cells is 10 years and more than 6 thousand charge and discharge cycles.


A number of features for proper functionality – BMS, fire resistant charge and discharge cycles possibility of outdoor or at 80%.

Smart EMS control

Hardware and software to use various functions such as trading or tip trimming.

Warranty and service for 10 years

Warranty and post-warranty support for 10 years.

Technical specifications

Interested in more detailed information about battery storage? Take a look at the product data sheet.

We use cutting-edge components and technologies for battery storage. So you can rely on:

long life up to 6000 charging cycles

plug-and-play installation

sophisticated protection system

advanced control system (EMS)

remote monitoring and diagnostics

wide range of indoor and outdoor applications

Solution for AC or DC Coupling

full technical and service support

10 years warranty of guaranteed service

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