Residential sector

For residential purposes, battery storage of 5-30 kWh is intended.

We use cutting-edge components and technologies in the manufacture of our battery storage systems, most of which we design and develop ourselves. Plus, we thoroughly test each battery storage device so you can count on superior performance and long life. And if there’s a problem, our in-house service team is ready to help fix it anytime.

The advantages of the components used:

high quality LiFePO4 cells in the highest quality class Grade A

cables supporting high charging/discharging currents

temperature sensors located at each junction between the cells

a BMS unit that controls the charging and discharging of the battery and balances the individual cells

Patented Proteng fire extinguishing system to ensure fire safety

It ensures minimal internal resistance and contributes to the fact that we can charge/discharge the storage at 200 A (except for the MX3 model).

It controls the charging and discharging of the battery, balances the cells and ensures that the voltage, current and temperature never fall outside the permitted limits.

With a life expectancy of 20 years without the need for inspections, not offered by any other manufacturer.

LiFePO4 in the highest Grade A quality class from our verified manufacturers. In addition, these cells can be replaced to extend the overall life of the storage system.

Our own production placed on each joint of the cells.

Specially designed and manufactured for easy insertion and assembly of battery cells.

Benefits of battery storage


Battery storage by customer requirements.


Individual components can be repaired or replaced.

Long service life

The minimum lifetime of the cells is 10 years and more than 6 thousand charge and discharge cycles.


A trio of elements to ensure proper functionality – BMS, Proteng fire extinguishing system and temperature sensors at the cell junctions.

Smart driving Rebox

Hardware and software for remote monitoring, diagnosis and control of electrical appliances.

Warranty and service for 10 years

Warranty and post-warranty support for 10 years.

Technical specifications

Interested in more detailed information about battery storage? Take a look at the product data sheet.

long life up to 6000 charging cycles

repairability/replaceability of individual components

three levels of protection

safe low voltage 48 V

remote monitoring and diagnostics

full technical and service support

10 years warranty and guaranteed service

Products offered

We manufacture a wide range of battery storage systems. Choose the one you will use.

Battery storage 12 kWh

The 12 kWh battery storage with BMS supporting 100 A and Bluetooth consists of 16 pieces of 3.2 V 230 Ah battery cells.

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Battery storage 15 kWh

The 15 kWh battery storage with BMS supporting 100 A and Bluetooth consists of 16 3.2 V 280 Ah battery cells.

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Battery storage 17.5 kWh

The 17.5 kWh battery storage with BMS supporting 100 A and Bluetooth consists of 16 3.2 V 304 Ah battery cells.

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Set battery storage, inverter, panels

It is possible to save on energy on a smaller scale. Do you have a family home and want to pay less for energy? For cheaper electricity…

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