We provide comprehensive solutions for our clients in the field of energy storage. Our services include the design, manufacture and supply of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries with high performance and maintenance-free operation. At the same time, we implement and manage an innovative battery management system (BMS) that guarantees safe and efficient operation. As part of the collaboration, we have successfully integrated our monitoring and diagnostic system, enabling efficient monitoring of battery status and consumption. We are also proud to provide them with inverters from Deye, which adds another dimension to the quality energy solutions for their projects and increases their influence in the renewable energy sector.

Installed capacity

5 MWh

Type of battery supplied

NX3 12 kWh, ZX3 15 kWh, WX3 17,5 kWh

Type of inverter supplied



from: 01/2023

to: still in progress

About the client

Sunflow Energy SK is your reliable partner in supplying batteries and inverters from our company for photovoltaic power plants in Slovakia. Thanks to our contractual commitment to regular purchase, we have reached a total installed capacity of over 5 MWh.