LCD Hall měřič napětí, proudu a kapacity 0-300V 0-400A

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Měřič s LCD podsvíceným displejem. Měření napětí, proudu a kapacity 0-300V 0-400A

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1. Measure the remaining battery capacity percentage (using the battery icon grid) and the remaining capacity AH number.
2. Measure the magnitude of DC positive and negative bidirectional current.
3. Measure the DC voltage.
4. Measuring DC positive and negative power size.
5. Measure the positive and negative DC positive and negative cumulative energy size.
6. Over-voltage alarm flashing function, the alarm voltage size parameters can be set.
7. Low voltage alarm flashing function, the alarm voltage size parameters can be set.
8. Overcurrent alarm flashing function, the alarm current size parameters can be set.
9. The remaining battery low alarm flashing, the battery icon will continue to flash, prompting the user to charge.
10. Charging, battery icon water light rolling tips.
11. Full voltage automatically fill the battery capacity function.
12. Clear current function.
13. Clear the accumulated power function.
14. Backlight can be manually turned off or on.
15. Power-down data save function, power-off when the battery power, accumulated power, etc. are automatically saved when power-down.
16. Holzer sensor isolation measurement, safe, reliable, easy to install.
17. STN full-viewing angle LCD screen, 360 degrees without dead ends. With backlight, no matter night, daytime, interior, room
Outside, direct sunlight are clearly visible.
18. Wide supply voltage range: DC5 ~ 90V

Current measurement range 400A
Current resolution 0.2A 
Supply voltage range DC5 ~ 90V
Voltage measurement range DC0 ~ 300V
Voltage resolution 0.1V
Capacity measurement range 0 ~ 999AH
Power measurement range 0 ~ 999KW
Energy measurement range of 0 ~ 999KWH
Table measurement error + -1%
Refresh rate of 0.5S refresh time to display information
Installation slot size 76.0mm * 39.5mm
Sensor threading hole diameter Φ20mm
Operating current when the backlight is lit: 10MA. When the backlight is off: 4MA
packing list: STN LCD head + Hall sensor + 15CM sensor cable + 15CM power cord.