Our solar batteries – ensuring safety and reliability

Solar batteries are a key element in the development of renewable energy and sustainability efforts. These batteries make it possible to store and use the energy generated by solar panels, even when the sun is not shining. What does our battery look like inside and how exactly is its safety and reliability ensured?

The basis of a solar battery is the individual cells, and it is on these that the functionality of the entire system rests. The manufacturer imports the best quality cells available on the market. In this way we ensure that the battery can be used for a long time and, in addition, that the non-functioning cells can be replaced at any time, thus extending the life of the entire battery. This means that even if one cell fails, the battery can still function efficiently after replacement.

Battery safety and reliability

The safety of solar batteries is a key aspect, which is why three levels of protection are implemented in our batteries. The first safety feature is the electronics located at the top of the battery. These electronics monitor the voltage on each individual cell and identify potential problems. This level of protection is standard for most battery types on the market.

While the first level of protection is important, our solar batteries go further. The second level of safety is the temperature sensors located on each cell. These sensors monitor the temperature at each junction where a problem could arise. If the temperature reaches a critical level, the battery automatically shuts down and a team of experts is immediately notified of the situation. This allows a quick response and minimises risk.

The highest level of protection is the third system – automatic fire protection Proteng. In the event of an extreme temperature rise in the battery, this system will intervene and prevent a fire from starting. Importantly, this system is designed to keep the battery undamaged or have no negative effect on human health in the event of activation, while effectively extinguishing the fire.

This makes solar batteries not only a source of sustainable energy, but also a model example of how safety and reliability can be innovated. With a combination of advanced electronics, temperature sensors and automatic fire protection, these batteries are ready to face a variety of challenges and provide an efficient and safe energy alternative.

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