Czech producer of customized battery storage


proprietary hardware technology and software solutions

premium products

long service life


high-end components

triple battery protection

possibility of repair/exchange individual components


own service team

remote monitoring and diagnostics

superior support


years of experience




delivered assemblies for PV plants


MWh of stored energy

Battery storage

Container storage

Energy storage with a capacity of 1+ MWh for use in reserve capacity management, load balancing and electricity trading.


1 MWh +

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Residential sector

Battery storage for private use in family houses, cottages, etc.


5 – 30 kWh

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Corporate sector

Large-capacity energy storage for commercial use in companies, manufacturing plants, etc.


30 kWh – 1 MWh

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Our proprietary hardware and software solutions for battery and appliance monitoring and control.


Unique patented autonomous fire protection system requiring no maintenance or control.


High quality LiFePO4 cells with chemical composition in the highest Grade A quality class from our verified manufacturers.


The BMS unit controls the charging and discharging of the battery and balances the cells to ensure reliable battery operation.


Temperature sensors of our own manufacture are placed at each cell junction to monitor the temperature of each cell.

Smart control system


This tool makes predictions of customer consumption (taking into account days off, time of year and specific customer consumption behaviour) and PV plant production (depending on its output, location, time of year or weather forecast) using artificial intelligence.

Data analysis

Through the savings calculation tool, we provide customers with an evaluation of the amount of savings achieved through smart control based on input data from invoice or consumption charts as well as data on existing or planned PV plants.

Solution design

This tool also allows you to design the optimal size of the PV plant and, if necessary, the capacity of the battery. Using mathematical formulas and evaluating countless different options ensures the most optimal result/design.

Achieving savings

Savings range between 8-25% (depending on battery capacity) due to the prediction of PV production and customer consumption as well as the smart operation of the battery, which is charged/discharged according to spot market prices. Savings start to show after 14 days of operation.


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Optimal-Powerenergy, a.s.

Supply of batteries and inverters for photovoltaic power plants with a total installed capacity of 15 MWh


Supply of batteries and inverters for photovoltaic power plants with a total installed capacity of 5 MWh

Hyster CZ a.s.

production of customized batteries for forklift trucks


Supply of components for photovoltaic power plants