Smart control system

What is it?

Smart control system uses mathematical algorithms, some call them artificial intelligence, that synchronize the client’s consumption with the PV plant and battery. It offers efficient use of the batteries throughout the year. It charges the batteries from the grid during cheap nighttime hours and uses them when the price of electricity is higher. Given the client’s consumption predictions, the charge and discharge cycle can take place up to twice a day, significantly reducing the payback period of the battery storage investment.

To determine the optimal settings, smart system takes into account:

Free days


Specific ways of energy use by the client

PV output depending on capacity, location, time of year and weather

How it works

Proposal for a solution

Our algorithmic software learns to predict your consumption as accurately as possible for 48 hours. Days off, seasons and the specific behaviour of your consumption during the day (work or production cycle) are taken into account.

Similarly, our software will learn to predict the production volume of your PV plant depending on its output, location, time of year, weather forecast and available battery capacity.

In this way, we actively manage your photovoltaic power plant with battery and possibly other important electrical appliances (boiler, heat pump, etc.) so that you use as little electricity as possible in times of expensive spot and as much as possible in times of cheap spot.

Because hourly prices are known in the daily market, our software calculates the optimal timing of when to put the PV electricity into consumption, when to charge or discharge the battery, and when to store the electricity in the battery for a specific hour when SPOT is expensive.

If it’s affordable, we’ll charge your battery at night from the grid so it’s ready for the morning rush hour, when prices are often high.