HYSTER CZ cooperates with us as its supplier. We are specialists in the production of customized batteries that are designed and manufactured specifically for forklifts of this renowned brand. Our cooperation consists in providing precisely manufactured batteries that optimally serve the needs of handling technology.

Installed capacity

5 MWh

Type of battery supplied

NX3 12 kWh, ZX3 15 kWh, WX3 17,5 kWh, MM1 5,2 kW

Type of inverter supplied



from: 08/2023

to: still in progress

About the client

HYSTER CZ, the exclusive distributor of Hyster material handling equipment, belongs to the Kromexim Group, founded in 1994. The group, through its subsidiaries, focuses mainly on material handling equipment, sales of Renault and Toyota cars, production of cabinets, technical inspections (STK) for trucks and paper recycling.